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You were redirected here because you clicked on a domain name that is currently for sale! If you are setting up your own business or website, having the right domain can be the cause of your potential success or failure. It will either attract or repeal potential customers. 

This is not a corporation trying to sell large quantities of domains for profit. I am a realtor living in Des Moines, Iowa. I have many ideas for new businesses but haven't got the time to launch them. That being said, I would entertain selling this domain. Send me a quick note and maybe we can come to terms. I would be more than happy to share my ideas for this domain as well. 


It can be yours!


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Why is it Important to have the Right Domain?

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a GREAT Domain Name:

1- It builds your credibility. If you have a relavent professional domain name, potential customers will see that you have a reputable and established business, making it easy for them to trust you. 

2- It helps build your brand. And by owning your domain name, you can ensure no one else uses it for similar purposes. 

3- It helps you get more business and more online traffic. By giving out your personal domain, you cut out the need for search engines that produce hundreds of results.

4- Having a domain that is easy to type, and easy to remember, makes it easy for your customers to visit your website. 

5-Having the right domain name will up your online visibility and you can market your business more efficiently. 

6- Owning and controlling your own domain name is a smart defensive way to manage your online reputation and brand.


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